Sunday July 23, 2017

Working in Galena

A great place to grow your business!

What makes Galena such a great place to work? It has the best of both worlds! Close enough to draw from many major metropolitan areas, but with the small-town charm to draw tourist traffic, Galena is a bustling place with plenty of opportunity. Read on to discover more about our town!

Location, Location, Location

Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Galena is both isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city and close to a huge qualified workforce. Galena is only twenty minutes from Middletown, DE, half an hour from Elkton, 45 minutes to Wilmington and Dover, DE, within an hour of Annapolis, and only an hour and a half from Baltimore and Philadelphia, PA. With all these cities within easy driving distance, but not in the city, Galena is an attractive workplace for young professionals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Galena is also centrally located to the Eastern Shore, with Route 213 running right through town and only a short drive from Route 301 for easy access. Summer tourist traffic passes right through Galena, boosting the potential customer base even further.

Local Flavor

Galena is proud of its unique local flavor. The town has a culture and character all its own: there are no chains or big box stores to be found here. Galena citizens are proud of their local businesses, which makes it a great place to start up a new business and build up a loyal customer base. But don't worry: Galena is welcoming to newcomers, too! The town has a thriving youth culture and a welcoming atmosphere, seamlessly blending the old and the new.

Live Where You Work

Nobody loves long commutes. Wouldn't it be nice to step out your door every morning knowing you work within walking distance? Galena boasts plenty of Class A office space in the business park, conveniently located right down Main Street, just a few blocks from the heart of town.